What happens when two people, from different "sides" of a public school, meet for the "first time" after knowing one another for almost 15 years?

A chance copy room encounter, and an inadvertently deliberate dare to "not let another year slip away", are the catalyst for action.  A coincidental planning period follows the encounter, where each ponder the possibilities of collaboration.  Songs are independently chosen and a single rehearsal is scheduled.

This session results in a signature song that is a perfect fit for the two voices, and will translate well for a multi-generational talent show audience.  "Who Says You Can't Go Home?" is a perfect lyrical metaphor for the teacher who came back home to the school she grew up in.  It is also a perfect homage for the other teacher who has found both a career and a purpose within the walls of the same building.  The impact on individual students, the only visible commonality between these two educators.

A four week intensive rehearsal schedule ensues, in order for this Physics teacher and Choir Director to prove to the school, and to one another, that opposite educational disciplines can combine to form something much better than a lone subject .

After carefully picking a number of duets to sing, this unlikely pair of old souls, embark on a practically daily schedule to choose, learn, and perfect a two song set.  Some songs click immediately, while others fall quickly by the wayside.

After a week, the pair find themselves comfortable with the song choices that were made, and confident that the blending of voices and guitar styling, sound ready for the annual Faculty Talent show.  They each continue to pursue their established solo acts for the same show, but the momentum of this unique collaboration steadily builds. 

They each find more songs that will "fit" this partnership, and begin to develop a stage presence and familarity with these songs and others.  After a few weeks, the song list far exceeds the time limit for a single performance.

They decide that there are more songs for this pair to sing and a joint decision is made to continue this experience after the initial performance.  The path that this venture will ultimately take is yet to be written.  But for now, what brought them together is

February 11th, 2016

Preparing for Spring



Faculty Talent Show:

February 11th, 2016

Pretty Mess -

Trigger Hippy

Who Says You Can't Go Home -

Jon Bon Jovi and Jennifer Nettles